Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

Samsung galaxy note 9, an absolutely brilliant android phone.

It starts at $1000 (Rs. 67900/-) this year, I think it’s worth it. This year the Samsung galaxy note 9 upgrades literally everything about that phone and makes the biggest improvement to the battery. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a great display, great build quality, great performance, great camera and great battery life.


The display is incredible. I can say it’s literally the best display in any phone. Last year’s note was already the best display in any phone. This year. It’s 1 inch bigger and it’s magnificently bright. You can read it outdoors in direct sunlight. It’s super vibrant and contrasting color accurate. This is an A+ display great for gaming for watching videos and also there is no notch. The only downside to display like this is how big it makes the phone feel. It’s one of the few phones it really makes me work hard to use it with one hand. But all in all great display. It gets a thumbs up, which leads me into the second part which is great build quality.


Build Quality:

The industrial design, or just generally the hardware of this phone is one of the most underrated things about it. It has is really premium build materials. You get metal all the way around. Overall it has this chiseled dense look and feel and it checks a lot of boxes. It has 68 water-resistant, a headphone jack also excellent clicky buttons. One of the more underrated upgrades to the hardware is the speakers. They are in the same place as they were, but they’re now much louder and fuller sounding. A slight downside to the hardware is the glossy back. That will 100% collect tons of fingerprints. They move the fingerprint reader down just a little bit to be more reachable. A minor detail, but makes a difference when you’re using every day. Overall build quality is great.



Samsung galaxy note 9 is a great performer. It’s a fast high-end flagship with snapdragon 845, and 6 GB of RAM etc. I’m always worried about Samsung skin, though, because it’s not light. It’s kind of lot. You worry about software updates with it. But so far it’s been smooth and snappy it has gotten one software update so far. Now, this is 128 gig version with six gigs of RAM I haven’t got to try myself, the 512 GB version with 8 gigs of RAM, but the thing about that first of all, it’s 250 bucks more expensive than the baseline version so that’s a lot. And then I don’t really see myself actually using 512 gigs of storage on the phone as amazing as it is. I love that it’s an option is 2018. But I think pretty much anyone including me will be fine with the 128 GB storage and 6 Gb of RAM. There is also a new cooling system inside this phone. Samsung calls it a water-carbon cooling system. All I can tell you is just from using it. This phone definitely still gets a little warm on the back especially in gaming for a while or navigating in a warm window of your dashboard or something like that but definitely never overheated.


Samsung-Galaxy-Note-9 camera



Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a firmly third-place camera. As far as smartphones go right now, which is pretty awesome and you got Google Pixel 2 at the top. The Samsung galaxy note 9 and iPhone 10 right around second and third. This is essentially the exact same camera set up as a Galaxy S9 plus from a couple of months ago which makes it an upgrade from the last note. So just like the S9 plus given a lot of light and it is an excellent camera you can get real shallow depth of field. It has a pretty classic Samsung vibrant colors and slight over processing is for sharpening and noise reduction. The one new addition is the AI in the settings which they call a scene optimizer that will automatically adjust certain colors when it recognizes the subject. So with flowers and might boost the warmer colors with landscapes it might boost the blue of the sky, but I found this more inconsistent and annoying to me than useful. What I do think is useful is what they called flaw detection where basically someone blinks or the photos are blurry or it finds a redeye or something messed up in some way, it will let you know right away so you can take another one that part is cool, overall you know Note 9 is a great camera so that brings us to the battery.



This year Samsung Galaxy Note 9 bumps up battery to a 4000 mAh battery, which is a pretty big jump from last year. Last year there were little conservative as you know, sort of following up on the heels of the problems they had. So they had a 3300 mAh battery in note 8. Samsung galaxy note 9 has +20% battery capacity size. That is a massive jump. But that’s just on paper so as far as the actual life of the phone goes, it’s not the best battery life, but note 9 is now comfortably lasting all day with a little extra room to spare. Which it didn’t do that before so I’m getting around five hours, a screen on time with most my days occasionally little more never really less which with my heavy usage is pretty good, I would say A- grade battery that I am pretty happy with. Obviously having a massive 6.4 inch super bright display cranked on all the time is going to take a toll on the phone. I think 4000 mAh is actually the appropriate battery size for the galaxy note and I don’t think anyone buying it will be disappointed. This is a great battery life.



So looks like they literally upgraded everything on paper about this phone from last year, which was already good. So it got a better, bigger, brighter display is great the great performance yeah great build quality got a great battery life and a great camera. Though, There are some flaws in it. Such as a perfectly placed Bixby button that can’t be remapped. I just want to remap the Bixby button to launch Google or Twitter or something else want to do. S-pen remote feature, it works and is great. It checks so many boxes. You can’t really find another phone that has incredible high-res OLED display, no notch, IP 68 water resistance, headphone jack and up to half a terabyte of flash storage, Snapdragon 845, 8 gigs of RAM, expandable storage on top of that, dual cameras, both with OIS and 4000 mAh battery. A thousand bucks is a lot to spend on the phone, but if you’re going to spend a thousand bucks on one, this is for sure the one to get your money’s worth. And people who are looking into buying a note, they’re going to love this.

Good job Samsung!

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